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Chapter 3397 – A Furious Duan Ru Feng scent large
At this point, among the list of disciples coming from the Sophisticated Sect suddenly claimed, “Elder Li Rou, elderly sisters, junior sisters, I’ll take my depart initially!”
“Heavens! Since Fang Ji has arrived, we’re doomed!”
While doing so, a imposing body flew in the eastern within the cave, inducing the expression from the disciples through the Elegant Sect to vary significantly.
Finally, below Fang Ji’s threats, Li Rou and also the other disciples through the Classy Sect had been grabbed by Fang Ji and his men.
Duan Ling Tian’s manifestation transformed immediately. “What occured?”
Celestial Source Electricity surged out and simply nullified Li Rou’s sword rays. It had been apparent she was no suit for her challenger at all.
Duan Ru Feng obtained gained a respond from Li Rou when they all showed up in the Crimson Revelation Paradise.
“Ninth Elder…”
Li Rou was trembling with anger. She was annoyed by her lack of capacity to do just about anything. She could only see helplessly when the disciples from the Elegant Sect collapsed to the floor.
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Li Rou’s eye flashed coldly when she observed Fang Ji’s words and phrases.
Duan Ling Tian, who had been exploring the Crimson Revelation Heaven the very first time, was briefly surprised. Then, he questioned with identical pleasure, “Mother’s here? Where is she now?”
Li Rou was trembling with fury. She was frustrated by her absence of electricity to a single thing. She could only see helplessly as being the disciples of the Tasteful Sect collapsed to the floor.
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‘They’ve uncovered us?’ Li Rou’s expression transformed dramatically. She failed to be prepared to be learned by the individuals the Smudge Crow Sect so quickly since she acquired picked out a hidden covering position as well as create a Formation to conceal their auras.
Li Rou observed the same way at the same time she was prepared to place her everyday life at risk. She looked at the girls around her right before she said to Fang Ji with unconcealed disgust. “Elder Fang Ji, they are just little ones. Why can’t you may keep them on your own?”
Duan Ru Feng obtained acquired a reply from Li Rou immediately after they all emerged inside the Crimson Revelation Heaven.
Upon experiencing this, Fang Li stated indifferently, “How courageous of which!” He glanced for the bodies on the floor and stated to the people behind him, “Keep their health inside the Spatial Diamond ring. We can easily give their corpses to the senior citizens and disciples with perverted habits…”
At this moment, on the list of disciples from the Classy Sect suddenly stated, “Elder Li Rou, senior sisters, junior sisters, I’ll consider my leave behind first!”
The intruder, a high and muscular bearded male, mentioned with flas.h.i.+ng sight, “Elder Li Rou, you’re no complement in my situation. It is sad that our Sect Head is fond of you. In any other case, I would’ve used you for myself… Nonetheless, your disciples are great as well…”
Immediately after, the commotion away from the cave passed away down.
All at once, lose faith overcome the disciples with the Classy Sect once they found the bearded male. Their faces paled every time they saw the bearded male.
Duan Ling Tian nodded. He said anxiously, “Let’s visit the local transport web page. Dad, ask mom relating to the local Travelling Development to her… If she’s unsure, consult her about renowned points of interest around her…”
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Using that, a attractive fresh mankind dressed up in purple robes appeared in Li Rou’s imagination. ‘Tian’er, new mother continues viewing over you in the afterlife. I am hoping you, Ke’er, Fei’er, Si Ling, and Nian Tian will survive a good life…’
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“It’s the Smudge Crow Sect’s 3 rd Elder, Fang Ji!”
As required, the young girl’s concept eased considerably after hearing Li Rou’s phrases. Nonetheless, following a moment, she questioned anxiously, “What in regards to you, junior aunt? And my older person sisters, what is going to happen to them?”
“Tian’er, I acquired a reply from the mother!” Duan Ru Feng exclaimed excitedly.
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With this, among the disciples explained by using a laugh, “It might appear to be we are risk-free now.”
“Heavens! Ever since Fang Ji is here, we are doomed!”
Li Rou inhaled deeply ahead of she smiled and explained rea.s.suringly, “Don’t worry, they may not know our particular site. No one knows if they’re just aiming to bait us by helping cover their their terms. We can’t abandon the cave now. Should they really discover us, they will arrive at the cave. Whenever we keep recklessly now, we may fall into their trap…”
“Yes, 3rd Elder.”
“Ninth Elder, I do not wanna kick the bucket.”
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At this point, among the disciples from the Sophisticated Sect suddenly mentioned, “Elder Li Rou, elderly sisters, junior sisters, I’ll bring my keep initially!”
On this, one of many disciples explained which has a smile, “It appears like we’re harmless now.”
Duan Ling Tian’s term altered immediately. “What occured?”
At this point, a loud and contemptuous voice rang from outside the cave.
Pursuing that, the female disciple decisively smacked her own forehead, doing suicide.
Li Rou was trembling with frustration. She was frustrated by her not enough capability to do just about anything. She could only watch helplessly because the disciples of your Stylish Sect collapsed to the ground.
Duan Ling Tian’s concept improved right away. “What occurred?”
“Yes, Thirdly Elder.”
Duan Ru Feng acquired received a reply from Li Rou as soon as every one of them came on the Crimson Revelation Heaven.
The facial looks in the other disciples with the Stylish Sect converted ashen although Li Rou was instructed to disregard the concept of comitting suicide.
Duan Ling Tian, who has been going to the Purple Revelation Heaven the first time, was quickly surprised. Then, he required with similar enthusiasm, “Mother’s right here? Exactly where is she now?”
Duan Ling Tian’s concept improved immediately. “What took place?”
Duan Ru Feng said gravely, “If we turned up several days down the road, we may be unable to see the new mother again…”