Supernacularfiction – Chapter 1085 – Unceasing Fortuity! II rigid accidental to you-p1

really the only inhabitant on the Chthonian World that wasn’t removed by him.
For the remaining that truly operated a frightening Hegemony!
“You’re having them to a safe and secure area.”
The minute his phrases concluded, all the more mana flew beyond him just as if he was uneasy if he wasn’t expending insane devices of mana continuously, this time around the essence being that of the spatial variety simply because it flew out faster than light to place the quintillions of beings who had just pledged their Fealty to him!
He was a lot more than halfway there as the range still enhanced, several estimations crossing through his mind as a short while pa.s.sed.
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“You’re using these phones a safe and secure position.”
A glorious solution to a fairly easy question, the body of the Great Outdated Nazzagath trembling while he stared at the unbound trust and attitude on this Apex Paragon that seemed above that of any Hegemonies!
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The time his ideas done, more mana flew from him like he was not comfortable if he wasn’t investing insane items of mana always, this time the essence being those of the spatial variety the way it flew out faster than light to cover the quintillions of creatures which had just pledged their Fealty to him!